Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Valkyrie Films - Full Film List

Full Film List All title are £2.99 each postage is free in the UK
You will receive the film on a DVD in a plastic wallet
this way we can  cut out postage costs
(Click on film title for more information on the film)

Full List
After Mein Kampf             
Crop Circles Mysteries
Fallshirmjager: Hitler's Green Devils
Firestorm Dresden
Friends Of Spearhead Dinner
Geburstag DesFuhrer
Geheimnis Tibet
German Classic Films x3 *
German Fighter Aircraft
Germany: The End
Global Warming :The Biggest Lie
Golem, The
Gotterdamerung 1945
GPU (1942)
Hans Westmar
Hell In Normandy
Hitler Junge Quex
Hitler Speaks
Hitler’s Shadow
Hitlers SS: Portrait of Evil +
Hitler’s War X
H J March
Holocaust Debunked!
House of Rothschild (1934)
Illuminati 2017
Injustice At Nuremberg
ISD - Ian Stuart Biography
Jew Suss (1941)
JFK Years of Lightning
JT Bradford
JT Speaks Leeds
Joachim Peiper
Joan Of Arc
King Rat
La Grand Illusion
March Or Die (1977)
Martyrs Of The Alamo
Michael Wittman
Morgenrot (German language)
Mosley: A Life
Nazi Plan , The (1945)
Nazi UFO’s
NF Archives/NF Remembrance
NF London Meeting
NSDAP 3 films
Occult Forces Freemasonry
Olympia - 1936 2 discs £4.99
Panzer Ace - Michael Wittman
Private Life Of Eva Braun
Punk 76
Rothschilds World Rulers
SA Mann Brand
Secret Life Of Adolf Hitler
Secrets Of The 3rd Reich
Secret Tibet
Seig Im Westen
Stalag 17
Stalingrad Dogs, do you wan to live forever?
Things to Come
TheThird Man
Third Reich Film Collection
Third Reich A-Z (hHitler to List)
Third Reich Songs and music
Tiefland (1954)
Titanic (1945) +
Triumph of the Will
U Boats West
Unternehemen Michael (1936)
Urlaub auf Eherenwort
Victory of Faith
Viking Fury
Waffen SS
What Was National Socialism?
We Dive At Dawn (1943)Westfront 1918
With A Rebel Yell!
Who are you Blavatsky?
Wolf Pack
Worlds Of H.P Lovecraft
You Don’t Know Hitler